Sunday, 29 November 2009

Linux tips: Recovering lost text data from disk, or EVEN MEMORY

Okay, first new post for the new 'technical' blog. The topic is "Holy ****!!! I just had my browser/text editor crash, and I've lost all that work! What do I do now?"

Well, so long as the editor you were using stores it's data in some form of plain text, and so long as you are using linux, freebsd, or some other unix, (or possibly Mac OSX), I may be able to help.

WARNING: These techniques, like any secret powers, come with a degree of risk. I take no responsibility for any accidents where you wipe your hard-disk, explode your computer, or accidentally sell your soul to the devil. In fact I take no responsiblity for anything at all. You have been warned.

I christen this blog...

So, I'm starting up a second blog. Why? Well, my first blog was about my efforts to be a writer, my sundry opinions on the state of Science Fiction and the political issues within it, and technical linux hackery. These things did not play well together. People who knew me from my 'writerly' efforts were completely bamboozled by posts full of 'grep | cut -c 1-10 | sed "s/apple/pear/" | tr ':' ' ''

And can you blame them?

But, on the other hand, my rare 'technical' posts got the most satisfying feedback, when people said "Hey! This really helped me to do something!", so I'm starting up this 'Linux techy' blog to turn alongside my main blog over at

First I'll be transfering over my old 'linux' posts, and then I'll come up with something new to say.