Thursday, 27 December 2012

I'm at Chaos Communications in Hamburg

I'm at the Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg. There's not much to recognize me by, I'm just the guy dressed all in black (like that really narrows it down) who is using an ancient compaq laptop with bits missing off it, and who speaks no German.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Movgrab Popularity now 600

This week saw the release of version 1.1.14 of Movgrab, resulting in its 'Freecode/Freshmeat' popularity rating rising to over 600! Like all measures of popularity the freecode rating is... a number, that means... something. Maybe. Still, whether it's a meaningless figure of not, I still get a thrill out of watching it go higher.

This release adds support for files > 2GB on Gnu systems, adds support for downloading from Animehere, and fixes a problem with downloading 3gp files from youtube. All these changes/bugs were suggested or reported by movgrab users. Thanks to Karol Blazewicz, Deeice, Matthias B, Ndracs and others for taking the time to contact me, and thanks again to Abhisek Sanyal for his lifesaving patch to get youtube working again. Feedback from users is what will keep movgrab moving forwards!

My other projects languish with ratings well below 100. I've not had time to really work on them, and most of them are 'first releases' that have serious bugs. It's time for movgrab to take the back seat for a while I think, and for someone else to have some attention.