Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Can you do Rocket Science?

I'm cross-posting this to my 'technical' blog, because I think that it might attract a few people who write non-fiction, and that while most of those will be a 'computery' people, a few might be rocket scientists.

Can you write non-fiction on technical space-related matters, or on aspects of 'Hard SF'? Would you like to be published in an upcoming anthology?

Ian Sales' Rocket Science anthology coming out from Mutation Press (that's the award-winning Mutation Press) hasn't had enough non-fiction submissions, he says he's "Desperate" for them.

He's also had nothing like as many submissions from women as he'd like, either of fiction or non-fiction.

'Call for Submissions' is here

Know something about rockets/space/hard sf? Want to tell the world about it? This is your chance.

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