Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Movgrab Popularity at 400

Movgrab's freshmeat (they're changing their name to 'freecode' but you'd know them as freshmeat if you know them at all) popularity rating has passed the '400' mark. I would like to say that it's smashed through this barrier, but as it's just managed to struggle to 400.13, and will probably drop back below 400 soon, well, I can't really say that.

I've no idea what this number really means, but I think 400 means 'quite popular'. Movgrab is now included in a few linux distributions, like Puppy linux, Arch linux and maybe Debian (someone did contact me asking me to make a change to allow it to be included in the debian build process).

One person has even written a nice-looking frontend to movgrab, I think this frontend comes as part of puppy linux.

You wouldn't think it from the feedback I've had though, despite setting up an email account for people to contact me with bug reports etc, very, very few people have done so. If you're one of those who did (you know who you are) then thanks very much, some of the bug reports I got were things that I'd never have known about it people hadn't taken the time to report them.

Now it's time to get some other projects finished and uploaded!


  1. Hello,

    I was trying your program autoblog downloaded from (v0.2 is not available)

    After compilation when I run the program e.g. autoblog -l the program outputs nothing, it just keeps running.

    1. Thanks for reporting this, latexnewbie! Unbelievably there's been the wrong link on that page for ages, no wonder autoblog didn't seem too popular.

      Version 0.3 is out, and the links for versions 0.3 and 0.2 now both work.

      As regards your problem, you are including a blog name, right? So:

      autoblog -l

      Seems to work for me?


  2. Hi there....

    This is not a real bug report actually, but a suggestion to improve the
    usability of the movgrab.

    My suggestion is, can you please include the filesize of the video alongside
    with the video format when the movgrab command issued with -T option ? Like

    flv-h264:640x480 | 89.94Mb

    I think this modification will make us happy. Do reply me if you going to make
    this modification and I shall wait for the new version of movgrab...

    before I forgot something, do include the "Estimated Time Remaining" too. Kinda
    useful feature :D

    1. Alas, the file-size idea would require some method of discovering the file-size of the files before downloading them, and I don't think there's any such method that would be common across all sites.

      It might be possible to do something with the HTTP HEAD command though, I'll look into that.

      The estimated time remaining is an interesting idea too, it shouldn't be too difficult, I'll see if i can get it done for the next release.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. thanks for the feedback. do inform me if the update complete. Do contact me via twitter, will you ?

  3. Hey Buddy,

    Does movgrab supports downloading/fetching videos from If yes how can we do that (as i m trying something like movgrab videosurf_url) and if not can u give me some pointers.