Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Movgrab Popularity Passes 500

I don't quite know what the 'Popularity' ratings on freshmeat/freecode really mean, but movgrab has passed a new level, reaching a score of 541. I think this means it's really quite popular. It's now included in a number of linux distros, and one 'extra programs pack' for the mac.

My other programs aren't getting anything like the same degree of love. I guess people don't need another FTP server, and Alaya, my dav aware webserver apparently still has too many bugs when run on other people's systems (hoping to solve those in a future release). Perhaps their time will come when they are more mature.


  1. movgrab is genius! It compiled right out of the box on the zipit. But I was unable to get the 176x144 videos until I changed itag case 17 to make it different from case 13 in youtube.c This seems to work...

    case 17:

  2. Thanks very much for this bug report, the change will go in the next release.

  3. Cool. I do plan on trying Autoblog out real soon to see if it makes blogging possible directly from the zipit. That'd be handy.

    BTW, did you mean to say "it's *now* included in a number of linux distros" above?

  4. Well spotted. I meant 'now' but both statements are equally true ;-)